Six Hand Jig in the Parnell Song!

Christine Sang's Choreography, Open Fist Theater Company, James Joyce's The Dead

Christine Sang’s Choreography, Open Fist Theater Company, James Joyce’s The Dead

This shows one of the Irish dance sets I adapted as the choreography for The Open Fist Theater Company’s production of Joyce’s “The Dead.” It’s a six-hand jig, which is just that – a dance for six people. Which translates into multitudes of multiples of 6 possible combinations: a choreographer’s dream.

James Joyce’s The Dead, Greenway Court Theatre, Jan 18 – Feb 22

what tech is all about

James Joyce’s THE DEAD, tech

 A beautiful tech shot of James Joyce’s THE DEAD.

Even at this stage much work ahead, before opening

Saturday at Greenway Court Theatre Jan 18 – Feb 22. Finessing moments, tweaking dances.

Great cast and director, Jessica Kubzansky. Dances by Christine Sang