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“Christine Sang was our Guest Artist for movement and awareness in Florence Italy in 2011 and 2013. Her work with the students encompassed so many different levels of physical investigation and inspiration it is hard to explain it in a sound byte. Christine is a master of body->breath->energy->power->performance and personal expression. Her ability to gently guide a group yet individually inspire each artist is a gift.

Christine Sang approaches the complexities of the artists body with wit, wisdom and empathic rigor. She is able to coax the struggling and the experienced into a self-realizing confidence that is joyful and inspiring. A gift to any artist, her confident, careful teaching will add value to any creative practice.” – Susan E. Mickey, Senior Associate Chair, Head of Design & Technology, The Department of Theatre and Dance, The University of Texas

“Thanks again for the wonderful semester.  I felt our class had such a great bond.  I really appreciate how you cared for us and encouraged and supported us.  I know that the class will remain with me as being very important.” – Matthew White, graduate student, Acting for Non-Majors, Fordham University

“As a beginner, quite new to acting, it is privilege to have taken an acting class with Christine as well as individual lessons. She always gives off great vibes as soon as I walk into the room and has way of talking me through my nervousness even days before an audition. Every class is filled with important information and helpful tips and reminders. And she’ll be blunt with you, which is important. I would recommend her to anyone who is serious about committing to acting and learning how to refine their skill as I constantly see myself developing as an actor after each interaction.” – Daniel Willows, private coaching client

“Christine has an aura which fills the room. Even without words one can feel the energy she is emitting and the body and mind can kinetically evoke an intuitive response. Personally I found great benefit in Christine’s specified usage of imagery used to support my character. Whether it was imagery given to us as actors or alternatively we were given the basis of an image and encouraged to generate our own ideas from it, it fed me. Words were transferred into feelings that could be felt in me entirely. It is one thing to talk of the elements of fire, wind, air, and earth but with Christine I learned how to both generate and feel the heat from my own fire both internally and externally.”Nisarah Lewis, actress

“It was truly a pleasure to work with Christine Sang, her process was challenging, exciting and required me to explore new forms of character exploration-physically, textually and emotionally. She was so helpful with me both in rehearsals as well as outside via email to help discuss my characters animal and looking further into researching how to incorporate my animal into my character fully. Detail is how I would describe our process – Christine was interested in seeing a fully realized, alive and breathing character and for that I am truly thankful!” – Courtney Williams, actress

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